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The Many Uses of Terracotta Vases

The Many Uses of Terracotta Vases

Terracotta vases are a multi-faceted item that can be used an assortment of ways. Made from a durable, earthy material, these vases are functional, yet their beauty can make any environment more inviting and appealing.

Create a Bird Bath

Planters can have more uses in your garden other than just as planters for flowers and plants. In fact, with a little creative thinking, you can create a unique bird bath in your yard. Purchase pots in several of the larger sizes and paint them in an attractive color or leave the natural terracotta finish to burnish and age over time. Stack them upside down to create a column and then add a terracotta tray to hold water to attract beautiful birds to your landscape.

Create a Custom Grill or Fire Pit

When you choose the highest quality terracotta vases, you can actually transform them into a grill or fire pit that actually complements your landscaping. Because the material is resistant to heat and other factors, you can install a simple metal grate inside a large terracotta vase and use it as a charcoal grill. Drill a couple of holes into a terracotta tray and adhere a handle so you have a cover that matches your custom fire pit or grill.