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Clay Planters – The Obvious Choice Over Plastic

Clay Planters – The Obvious Choice Over Plastic

Clay planters aren’t only functional, but also add an element of beauty to household decor. On the other hand, plastic planters are cheaper and more readily available. Is there really one that’s better than the other? Below, we discuss why clay planters are the obvious choice over plastic for all your decor and gardening needs.

Clay Planters

Clay is porous material, which is a naturally occurring earth substance. It breathes and can absorb water that is readily available. Because they are moldable, clay planters can be made in many shapes and sizes. They also display brilliant colors and beautiful patterns unmatched by other materials, such as glass and plastic.

Plastic Planters

Unlike clay, plastic is not a natural product. It’s manufactured from chemicals known to be harmful to the environment. It’s also not porous and lacks durability. Plastic planters are also more likely to break or chip, as well as lose their luster when exposed to the sun for long periods. This will eventually result in worn out, old looking planters.

Healthier Plants

Clay planters are also a better option for your plants because of the healthy environment the clay provides. The porosity allows both air and moisture through the sides of the planter. This is then utilized by the delicate roots on the edge of the soil. The clay also removes some of the excess moisture from the soil, protecting the plants from mold and other moisture issues.

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