Month: June 2017

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In the Market for a New Flashlight?

Flashlights are in every drawer, tool kit, car, and home. With such a common commodity, why do some flashlights offer only a single dim amount of light? Based on the lack of light, the type of battery currently used is to blame. Most flashlights only hold enough...

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When to Change Your Mattress

All mattresses have an end of life after daily use. Sleeping on a comfortable top-of-the-line mattress can help alleviate a host of medical conditions, pain and discomfort. Below are a few signs to look for that will tell you when you are needing a new mattress. Check...

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Popularity of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee on tap is a relatively new beverage phenomenon. It appeals to both cold coffee and hot coffee lovers. A new way to experience small batched coffee, it results in a smooth and pleasant drink experience. Cold Brew Coffee The cold brew process makes for...

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