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Popularity of Cold Brew Coffee

Popularity of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee on tap is a relatively new beverage phenomenon. It appeals to both cold coffee and hot coffee lovers. A new way to experience small batched coffee, it results in a smooth and pleasant drink experience.

Cold Brew Coffee

The cold brew process makes for a very even and sweet tasting brew. The flavors created do not go flat over time. For a coffee to be considered cold brew, the ground coffee is brewed over 12-24 hours with room temperature or cold water. Depending on the batch, the brewing process is done to preference and taste. The result is a very strong coffee reduction that is then cut with water. The flavors are fresh and the taste is delicious.

Cold Brew on Tap

Many Los Angeles coffee vending services are now offering cold brew coffee on tap. There are a couple of options when serving the brew this way.  One popular coffee option is done simply through a coffee kegerator. The coffee goes into the machine where it is dispensed through a tap. Since the coffee is cold, the resulting flavor is more rounded than what you would find from a hot coffee drink. You can pick up the fruity undertones a lot better with this process. This is quickly becoming a popular choice of java drinkers in and outside of the office.

Cold Brew on Tap Using Nitrogen

You can also get the cold brew using a nitro coffee kegerator. The coffee is put into a kegerator and steeped with nitrogen gas. The result is a bubblier, flavor filled masterpiece as it leaves the tap. The bubbles help the drink to seem thicker and results in a creamier texture. Many have come to appreciate the deeper flavor tones this has to offer. This is a perfect drink to have year-round.

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