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When to Change Your Mattress

When to Change Your Mattress

All mattresses have an end of life after daily use. Sleeping on a comfortable top-of-the-line mattress can help alleviate a host of medical conditions, pain and discomfort. Below are a few signs to look for that will tell you when you are needing a new mattress.

Check Your Warranty

If you purchased a mattress with a warranty, such as a Tempur Pedic in Gulfport, MS, check the validity dates. Mattress warranties are usually longer than the average lifespan of a mattress. If your warranty is out of date, it is more than likely time to change to a newer model. Wear and tear is inevitable, so make sure you are on the ball when it is time.

Restless Sleep

If previously you had a comfortable and inviting sleep that has recently turned into the opposite, it may be time for a mattress change. If there are no other medical conditions to account for, your mattress may not be providing you with the comfort your body needs as it rests.

Any visible indents or unevenness in a mattress can mean nightly discomfort. You shouldn’t feel any coils while you sleep or see any worn spots in the surface of the mattress.

Increased Allergic Reactions

If you do fine during the day, in terms of allergies and allergic reactions, but continuously get flare ups as you lay down and sleep, your old mattress may be to blame. Over time, any protectants on the mattress can wear, and any pollen or dander can easily adhere to the mattress surface and possibly make its way inside the mattress.

Check your mattress for any visible pet hair or dander. If you have an allergen protectant, there should be no increased adherence of allergen agents. If you purchased a mattress without a protectant, the allergens may have made their way inside the mattress, which can happen over time.

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