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In the Market for a New Flashlight?

In the Market for a New Flashlight?

Flashlights are in every drawer, tool kit, car, and home. With such a common commodity, why do some flashlights offer only a single dim amount of light? Based on the lack of light, the type of battery currently used is to blame. Most flashlights only hold enough battery life to obtain three hours of full 100% brightness before starting to dim. With a super bright flashlight utilizing a lithium battery, a LED light can offer up to five hours of 100% illuminated power before commencing to wane.

What to Expect

Who likes reading in bed? Who loves reading in bed without waking up their spouse? A type of LED eyewear was crafted to aid towards a possible solution to an everyday problem. Two powerful LED lights will be attached to the sides of the eyewear frame producing enough light only to illuminate the page, not the entire room. There are hands-free options to consider instead of a book light, and no one in this situation wants to use a bedside lamp.

Enjoy the comfort in knowing your spouse will not be woken up from this activity. The bright light aspect only travels to the page currently being read. Another added factor is that no one will have to strain their eyes reading while illuminating the page with a dim light.

What About Other Hands-Free Activities?

Many activities can benefit from using a LED bright flashlight. From eyewear to camping in style, lanterns can transform any event into an enjoyable experience. How many incidents have occurred because the light was not bright enough to light up a particular area? Several. A well-built flashlight should be able to withstand shock. We all know a flashlight is going to drop a handful of times. Knowing that this flashlight can be managed easily, or even mishandled, offers a sense of reassurance.

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