The Allure of Terra Cotta Clay Pots

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Pottery Store

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Loving plants, whether you are decorating indoors or outdoors, is something many people share. Bringing to life exciting designs with your plants is an exciting part of the entire process. To do all this, you must first choose the right plants for you. In most cases, plant lovers already have a general idea of what they want before they start a project. Once that part is done, you must find the perfect home for your plant. One of the most popular choices currently is terra cotta clay pots. These crafty little pots have hundreds of uses and are some of the most suited homes for any plants. Below, we’ll learn a little more about these pots and why everyone is so crazy about them.

Perfect for Your Plants

Possibly the biggest reason so many people turn to terra cotta clay pots when it comes time to house their plants is the benefits these pots offer. These pots are naturally porous, which means overwatering your plants isn’t as easy to do. This is great for a beginner in the plant world. Another great advantage is the terra cotta’s ability to stand up to extreme temperatures while still protecting your plants. In the summer, you want them to be able to breathe a bit and in the winter, the roots are protected by a pot that won’t crack due to frost or cold.

Multiple Uses

Other than being great for plants, the allure of terra cotta clay pots comes from their multiple uses. Whether you are planning on decorating your home with plants and flowers or simply want to go dramatic and make a statement, these pots are great for a number of bold design choices. Birdhouses, storage, garden decor and even fairy gardens have been constructed using these amazing pots. If your design idea needs larger pots, don’t fret. Terra cotta pots are available in all sizes to ensure your vision comes to life with no issues.

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