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Questions to Ask a Potential Coffee Distributor

Questions to Ask a Potential Coffee Distributor

No one has to tell you how important good coffee is to your office. However, your current coffee distributor is the grocery store. You’re ready to take a step up in the coffee world and find a steady distributor for your office. Here are a few questions to ask coffee distributors in Los Angeles so you can find the best fit.

Are These Wholesale Prices?

Wholesale, or bulk, coffee is the cheapest price for coffee. You might think you don’t warrant wholesale prices because you’re not buying bulk, but distributors can sell smaller amounts at wholesale prices too. Asking this question is important to ensure you’re finding a distributor with fair prices.

Can This Be a Recurring Delivery?

You and your staff have a lot more to worry about than placing an order for coffee, such as running your business. A coffee distributor with recurring deliveries sets up a delivery schedule with you once, and then you’re done. That way, the coffee just shows up when you need it with no effort from you.

What Machine Do You Recommend for This Coffee?

If you’re stepping up to quality coffee, you might consider getting a quality machine, as well. Different varieties of coffee brew better under different circumstances. Ask for the distributor’s recommendations on a new coffee machine. If you don’t want to buy a new coffee machine, ask for recommendations on what coffee is best for your current machine.

Do You Grind Coffee Beans?

A proper grind is essential for great coffee. You might not own a coffee grinder in your office, and a nice one might be out of your budget. Ask the distributor if they can grind coffee beans for you, because chances are they have a high-quality grinder.

Good coffee grounds are essential for a good cup of coffee. Finding a coffee distributor is the perfect way to save time and money on getting good coffee. If you put in your research and ask the right questions, you can find a great distributor for your office.

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