Preventing Foot Fungal Infections by Choosing the Right Shoes For Women in El Cajon CA

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Shopping

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It’s not life-threatening or even a significant health problem, but fungal infections of the feet are bothersome for two main reasons. One is the itching and discomfort associated with athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. The other is the appearance, especially of the infected nails. Choosing the right Shoes For Women in El Cajon CA can help prevent a recurrence of these infections once the problem has been resolved.

Letting Feet Breathe

Keeping feet clean and dry is important for preventing fungal infections. When feet perspire in shoes that don’t breathe, that moisture cannot escape unless the person takes the shoes off. Fungus thrives in that moist environment but cannot take hold in a dry one. Vinyl shoes are not advised for women who have been prone to athlete’s foot and nail infections, as vinyl does not breathe. Leather and canvas are good options.

Letting Feet Move

Pointed shoes are not recommended because they push the toes together and decrease air circulation between the toes. The entire foot should be properly ventilated when enclosed in shoes, and that can’t happen when any part of the foot is too restricted. The shoes should fit properly and not be tight anywhere.

Wearing Open Shoes

Sandals from an online retailer such as 10 Dollar Shoe Store and More can be a good choice too since they don’t enclose the feet. Still, high-quality sandal bottoms are essential, since the soles of the feet are always resting on that material.

Using Additional Strategies

An antifungal powder can be sprinkled in the shoes after each wear. Someone who has dealt with foot fungal infections should wash socks in hot water and use a small amount of bleach to kill microorganisms. Socks should never be worn two days in a row.

Having Enough Shoes

Buying a few pair of new Shoes For Women in El Cajon CA allows alternating the shoes so they have plenty of time to air out after wearing. One pair of shoes could be worn at the office and a different pair for evening socializing, for example. In fact, foot doctors recommend not even wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row.

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