LED Recessed Lighting Installation Tips

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Lighting

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LED recessed lighting is efficient and puts out little heat, but it can be difficult to install. However, if you have experience working with electricity, it may be easier than you think. Here are five installation tips to get you started.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you make marks on your ceiling and start cutting into the wallboard, make a plan on paper. Measure your ceiling and determine the best places for your light fixtures.

2. Don’t Forget Special Features

Do you have a work of art hanging on your wall? You might want to put a light in this area. Maybe you need extra light over a linen cabinet or entryway. Now is the perfect time to add all the LED recessed lighting you need.

3. Plan Your Holes Carefully

Make sure to mark where the ceiling joists are located. You don’t want to start cutting a hole and then realize a joist is in the way.

4. Don’t Use Power Tools

When you cut your ceiling holes, refrain from using power tools. Power tools can damage wallboard and cause it to split. This makes it hard to install lighting properly, and you’ll need to make a lot of unnecessary repairs.

5. Don’t Forget Switch Locations

Plan your wall switches carefully. If possible, choose a location above an electrical outlet. This makes it easier to find a power source for your LED recessed lighting.

6. Use Fish Tape

If you don’t have a fish tape tool, buy one. Fish tape simplifies the process of running wires behind walls and in ceilings. It’s best to have a helper with this job, so you won’t have to keep running back and forth from one area to another.

7. Talk to Lighting Professionals

Check with a lighting expert when you need advice on choosing the right materials or installation. This can save you many headaches.

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