Should You Give Her a Promise Ring?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Jewelry

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You enjoy a special relationship with her. In fact, you might want to ask her to marry you someday, but you are not ready to make that kind of commitment now. On the other hand, you don’t want her to get impatient and walk away, thinking you’ll never get serious about the relationship. This puts a man in an awkward situation and promise rings for her may offer a practical solution. Jewelry shopping is fun and exciting, but it’s easy to make a mistake. Here is information to help simplify the shopping process.

Ask Her What She Wants

There is nothing wrong with surprising a woman with an engagement ring. After all, this is major life event. However, not all women may want or appreciate a promise ring. If she is not interested in one, you could be making a huge mistake. Sure, you can return the ring to the jeweler with no problems, but she might believe you want to give her a ring to postpone marriage indefinitely. If you talk about promise rings for her ahead of time, you should have no problems with misunderstandings.

Take Her Ring Shopping

She is the one wearing the ring, so make sure it’s something she likes and enjoys. She may prefer an eternity ring or a solitaire diamond. On the other hand, she can choose paved diamonds, black diamonds, or a three stone ring. When you take her shopping, you are sure to get exactly what she wants.

How Much Should You Spend?

There are no set spending rules on promise rings for her. However, you can find some excellent selections between two and five hundred dollars when you visit a reputable online jeweler. They have many choices and prices ranges available, and shopping is convenient and easy.

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