Using Custom Reusable Logo Tote Bags To Promote Your Business

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Gifts

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Promotional products can be more than just a gimmick to give away at a community event or gathering. They can be powerful marketing tools, but a large part of their power and impact lies in the versatility they offer for businesses large and small. These items range from shirts and hats to custom reusable logo tote bags. The options are almost endless and you just have to find the right product for your business.

Targeting Your Audience

If your audience is professional workers and business men you will want items geared for use in the office. If your target audience is the average worker then something to be used in the bedroom or on one’s person is a good place to focus. And if your target audience is women in general of families then items best used in kitchens and common areas can be the most effective. Once you now your audience, think about what they use and where they would use certain items and see what can be used to promote, brand, and market with your business logo.

Hot Spot Number One- The Kitchen

When most people are asked to name things they use routinely in the kitchen answers typically fell on items such as: calendars, pens, pizza cutters, bag clips, lid openers, note pads, bottles, hot pads, glasses, mugs, and freezer bags. Just about all of these items can be easily branded with your business name, logo, and information for a fun and useful marketing tool that keeps you front and center and in sight and memory of your audience.

Hot Spot Number Two- The Office

When asked about the items commonly needed and used at their office people usually give the typical answers of pens, pencils, calculators, calendars, and paper pads but other ideas that can work for promoting with office items are paperclip dispensers, tape holders, stress balls, letter openers, memo sheets, floor mats, magnets, and many other fun and readily available items.

Promotional products come in many shapes and sizes and they are a wonderful marketing tool that can help customers recall your business and your products or service in their time of need. For all the latest in successful promotional branding, including custom reusable logo tote bags, contact dkspecialties today! Like us on our facebook page.

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