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by | Nov 18, 2016 | Clothing

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T-Shirts originally were worn as the top of a one-piece undergarment to protect a person from extreme temperatures. Over time, these were separated into two different pieces of clothing, with the t-shirt worn under a button-down or dress shirt from Victorian times through the 1950s. After being worn by different movie stars in films and as the main clothing worn by members of the military while not in dress uniform they became even more popular.

In the late 1960’s, a sort of renaissance happened as t-shirts had pictures on them of different music bands and images of historical figures as well as popular brands. The style and quality of t-shirts can range greatly, and though it may not seem as important, the person wearing a t-shirt can tell the difference between a comfortable higher quality garment from one of a lesser quality as soon as they put the t-shirt on.

As the t-shirt became more commonplace through the 1970’s, custom tee shirts in Kansas City and across the USA became widely available and desirable. The image on the t-shirt could be applied with screen printing; as the technology for printing images onto fabric improved, coloring and image printing on a shirt could be done with tye-dying, heat transfer vinyl, and die-sublimation printing.

The material t-shirts were made of originally was cotton, and as more synthetic fabrics became available, blends of different fabrics gave t-shirts an increased range in style and appearance. T-shirts can be used to advertise a company or service, a local music band, a national brand name, members of a sports team or the guests at a family reunion. Comfortable t-shirts printed with single color logos or images or full-color photos can be a great way to share a connection with members of a team, family or a company.

Getting advice about choosing a t-shirt and how to best depict a logo or image is a good way to make sure the shirts are comfortable and present a great image to anyone who sees the t-shirt. To learn more about Custom Tee Shirts in Kansas City contact Business Name.

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