Find the Perfect Ballet or Gymnastics Leotard for Your Needs Here

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Clothing

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Garland Activewear is your one-stop-shop for unique ballet leotards. Regardless of if you are looking for a simple practice leotard or a more elaborate and personalized leotard, you will find what you are looking for in our extensive collection of garments.


This activewear company offers a wide selection of unique ballet leotards suitable for any occasion or use. These leotards come in a myriad of sizes, colors, fabrics, and styles. From practice garments to competitive meet leotards, you will find what you want at a price that you need. The durable construction is designed to hold up to the rigors of any practice or competition.


There are a number of diverse and stunning fabrics to use to create your leotard. We understand that in order to find the perfect leotard for your personal needs and preferences, you need to have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from for your selection. Choose from options such as the comfortable nylon, the bold shattered glass, or the classic mystique.


Leotards can be returned or exchanged if the garment has not been worn and still has all of the tags attached. The leotard will not be accepted if it is soiled or damaged. Because all of our custom ballet leotards are made to meet your exact specifications, the items can only be returned or exchanged in the event of a manufacturing defect. Most internet or phone orders will ship within 48 hours of the time of order. While standard shipping is free, expedited shipping is available for an additional cost.

We invite you to call us or visit our web site to begin your unique ballet leotards shopping experience. Whatever you choose, you will wear your custom leotard with the confidence of knowing that your outfit was made especially for your tastes and measurements.

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