Women shop fashion over style

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Clothing

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If all kind of clothing looks great on Julia Robert or Kim Kardashian why does it not look as appealing when you wear it and stand in front of the mirror? Well the answer is not the figure only. When an individual shops fashion without thinking about their own style they tend to make the worst mistake in their lives. Not everything on top fashion can suit everyone. You need to shop fashion keeping your own style, body and attitude in mind. Just because it is trending you cannot spend 80$ behind a dress and then not like yourself in it. Think about your own style before shopping anything under the sun.

A lot of women run behind finding the best outfit which people would like to see. They are trend followers and not setters. Well, it is not a problem to be a trend follower – if there are no followers there won’t be setters, but you need to know what to follow and what matches your taste. Shop fashion for yourself beyond anyone or anything else. If you have read my earlier post they are so focused on what women think and follow, mix and match, brag with rag etc. They all shout out one message that women should know their body and type before buying out anything from the stores.

In today’s world the options in buying are not limited neither are the options of market places around. People are going crazy with shopping online and offline too. They rush for sales, discounts and offers, in that rush they tend to do a lot of spontaneous buying which actually does not match their style.

How to know you style

There is no secret spell to crack this. Think before you shop and know yourself before you choose. Shop fashion according to your needs first. Then once you have narrowed down on what you need shortlist which of the top fashion trend actually matches your style. What is your routine, what kind of clothes you need on a daily basis, what kind of parties you go to? Know you day and yourself. Biy what makes you comfortable because that is what will make you more confident and what would make you stand out ultimately. If you buy something what people are buying but are not confident enough to carry out that, you would through the whole day just wonder if you looking good? Is it actually suiting you? What are people thinking about you style? Chuck! Stop thinking what people would say or judge you on. Matter of fact is that style is what you make fashion to be. So be a free spirit and choose what you are comfortable with. Comfort comes over any trend, style or even fashion.

Happy shopping girl!

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