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by | May 31, 2019 | Umbrella Supplier

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The Many Varieties of Umbrellas

Whenever you hear the word, “umbrella,” the image is usually of an accessory used as protection from the rain. However, there are more umbrellas under heaven than might be imagined. The second image of umbrellas that come to mind is beach umbrellas. Those are the largest size and protect from the sun not only at the beach but also on the patio or lanai. A beach umbrella conjures up the gaily coloured designs and sturdy fabrics that beautify all beach landscapes.

There are other umbrellas such as those for kids, golfers and one of the most useful, custom tent umbrellas. Most umbrellas are designed with a folding mechanism.

Down the Shore With Your Beach Umbrella

Everyone loves the hot sun on the beaches. No one likes a blistery sunburn. This is the major reason to invest in beach umbrellas.

Some business owners have found using beach umbrellas to promote their businesses is a major saving on advertising. It’s the savvy business owner who designs a marketing plan to attract customers with beach umbrella promotions.

Factory Direct Beach Umbrella Manufacturers and Wholesalers

If you are a beach or boardwalk concessionaire, it is important to know where to locate suppliers of these umbrellas for sale or rental to beach patrons.

You receive the highest quality umbrellas with canopies in several colours and patterns.

A Raintec Umbrella for beach use has a 68″ ARC, eight panels of the canopy and 6 ft. a Pole that provides lots of protection from the sun. The sturdy steel poles are also great protection from wind. Also, canopies are made from 100% polyester, and they are sold with a plastic carry case.

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