How to Make Fashion Umbrellas Part of Your Marketing Strategy

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Umbrella Supplier

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Promotional products can be the perfect option for getting new consumers interested in you as a company. While there are folding umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and golf umbrellas, another option for advertising is the fashion rain umbrella. These umbrellas offer shelter from a storm but also make up a crucial component of a wardrobe. These umbrellas look great and will turn heads, which is when your logo will be displayed for the masses.

What a Fashion Umbrella Is

When you hear the word umbrella, you probably think about a piece of plastic in a boring color that keeps you from getting sopping wet in the rain. A fashion rain umbrella offers the second part of that equation but is far from boring or simply functional. These umbrellas feature hip trends and patterns that people will take a second look at. With your logo on them, it is an easy way to advertise without breaking the bank to do it.

Shapes, Colors, & Designs

The umbrella market is unique in that every person can find an umbrella that suits their style. These can range from vintage umbrellas to umbrellas with a floral design or umbrellas with lots of bright colors. Fashion umbrellas will often make use of chic colors like light pastels and glamorous metallics. Some umbrellas will have a traditional shape while others might have a modern flair and be more interesting than a traditional umbrella. Either way, you can be sure it will be more eye-catching than a simple, black umbrella.

Other Perks of Fashion Umbrellas

Fashion umbrellas can protect you from rain or snow, but many go the extra mile. Some of them are useful in the sun, as well, because they offer protection from ultraviolet rays. Many are sturdy enough to handle powerful gusts of wind. Having your promotional umbrellas made of high-quality materials might cost a bit more, but it gives peace of mind to potential customers. After all, if the umbrellas work well, it’s likely your own services and products go the extra mile, too.

Ready to find out what fashion rain umbrella can do for your marketing. You can find fashion umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, and more ready to be outfitted with your unique logo.

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