Tapers, Plugs, Stretchers & Gauges: Beautiful, Simple Body Mod Jewelry

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Online Shopping, Shopping

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Ear stretching jewelry is a fun, creative way to shake up the process of gauging your ears. It also helps you craft interesting, unique looks during your journey. A variety of single pieces and kits supply everything you need for your journey, from start to finish. Here’s a brief overview of what’s available.

Ear Stretching Kits

Ear stretching jewelry kits make great gifts for yourself or for a friend just staring an ear stretching project. Some kits include tapers, plugs and o-rings, or gaskets, whereas others consists of just tapers or only plugs. Kits can contain as little as four pieces or as many 54 pieces. By gauge size they range from 14 up to 00.

Larger kits contain more options in terms of taper, plug and o-ring sizes. However, you can also start with a smaller kit and purchase specific pieces and gauge sizes as your lobe slowly expands. Specific pieces and gauge sizes run the gamut from 20 gauge, or .032 inches, up to 1 inch.

Materials & Colors

A handful of materials comprise the industry standard in ear stretching props: stainless (surgical) steel, anodized steel, silicone and acrylic. Each material boasts its own unique degree of durability, with the latter two being a little more lightweight and flexible than the former two. Titanium plating and IP coating contribute additional layers of sturdiness and antimicrobial protection.

Choices of colors and patterns are quite vast. Since colorful ear stretching jewelry never goes out of style, just about everything you can imagine is available most of the time. There are the standard primary colors and metallic finishes, such as black titanium, silver, gold, rose gold and white. Rainbow palettes are a staple.

Patterns and prints offer yet another avenue for self-expression, with animal prints, Gothic skull prints and camouflage appearing seasonally in both standard and special edition colors.

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