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Custom Pedicabs Dazzle Customers, Cut Last Mile Transportation Costs

Custom-built pedicabs boast throwback charm and trend-forward features like built-in refrigeration, beverage draft systems, and sturdy cargo space to tote tasty products and customer deliveries safely from end to end. Here’s a basic rundown of ways you can customize pedicabs for premium last-mile transportation.

Pedal Power or Motor?

Foot-powered pedicabs are as vintage as it gets. Reliance on sheer manpower cancels out the need for costly fuel. Plus, the foot-powered pedicab moves through a city at just the right speed to captivate attention and give onlookers enough time to spot your brand logo.

Motor-powered pedicabs present more last-mile options, letting vendors transport groups of people on short tours or heavy cargo from the warehouse to the customer’s front door. Adjustable power settings let drivers tweak the output to economize or, when necessary, overcome off-road scenarios.


Pedicabs can be customized from start to finish according to need: cargo, delivery, retail, vendor, or passenger. One can choose a specific size, capacity, and cosmetic appearance to coincide with one’s brand and intentions. Colorful, covered, on-brand pedicabs supply charming city rides for guests at corporate events, for example.

Customization also includes the benefit of having a pedicab fabricated to design specifications or for niche-specific purposes or events: mobile mechanic, mobile library, or product transport trailer.

Food Service Pedicabs

Foodservice pedicabs let vendors take the consumable products to the streets, unique events, fairs, and fests. One can create a self-contained mobile cafe or a mobile fridge to maintain and sell canned craft beverages at a park, food truck court or milestone occasion.

Each pedicab’s design details can be tweaked as needed: frame color and box color. Add-ons like branded graphics, LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers transform the pedicab into a vibrant, mobile, brand ambassador. A plethora of standard features like parking brakes and vertical storage bumpers enhance functionality, practicality, and convenience.

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