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Stay Out of the Rain with a Conveniently Sized Folding Umbrella

Although they come in handy during a rainy day, umbrellas are not always the most convenient thing to carry around with you when you need it. That’s why we carry a wide selection of folding umbrellas that shrink down to convenient sizes in colors and prints that will fit your personality and style.

Sizing Options

We create umbrellas that shrink down to convenient sizes so that you can store them in a bag or the car without taking up too much space. Our sizing options range from our largest umbrella, which measures nine and a half inches, to our smallest model that shrinks to a mere five inches.

Stylish Selection

All of our umbrellas are made in diverse colors and patterns so that you can choose the style that fits your personality the best. Whether you would like one solid color or an umbrella with a stunning floral print, we’re sure to have something that suits you. Check out our site to see all of the beautiful umbrellas for sale.

Custom Made Umbrellas

Not only do we have a vast selection of umbrellas to choose from, but you can also request to have an umbrella explicitly tailored to your specifications. Include your company name and logo in the request, and we can produce folding umbrellas that you can sell or use to promote your business.

Be sure to contact us at with any questions about our products or services.