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A Retailer’s Guide to Choosing Kids’ Umbrellas

A Retailer’s Guide to Choosing Kids’ Umbrellas

Looking for a high-demand, low-cost, high-profit item for your shop? You’ll find that kids’ umbrellas can fit the bill. Eternally popular, affordable when sourced from the right manufacturer and wholesaler, and easily displayed within your shop, these items can be quite profitable. Of course, you’ll need to know a few things to ensure you’re sourcing the right items for your inventory.

Handle Type

One of the first things to consider when sourcing kids’ umbrellas are the type of handle used. You’ll find some different handle designs on the market, but the hooked or J-shaped handle is perhaps best suited. This ensures that little hands have plenty to grip while using the umbrella. However, bear in mind that some parents might want an umbrella that can be attached to a stroller or other device, and bolt-on, adjustable handles can be found.

Colors and Designs

While adults might be fine with staid and boring umbrella designs, kids generally are not. The rule of thumb here is the brighter, the better. You’ll find a wide range of appealing, cheery, vibrant designs on the market with the right supplier, from polka dots to animal prints. Solid, bright colors are always good options but mix in some other choices, such as plaids, dots, and multicolored umbrellas.

Kid-Friendly Canopies

When you think of umbrellas, chances are good that you picture a smooth, conventional canopy. However, kids’ umbrellas do not need to be that way. You’ll find some very fun options out there that are shaped like dogs, cats, turtles, and even ladybugs. Don’t limit yourself or your customers – kid-friendly canopies give you appealing options that will have very high demand.

Go for the Frills

Finally, you should make sure to explore your options when it comes to girl-oriented umbrellas. Boys are as likely to use an umbrella as not, but girls love them as toys and as fashion accessories as much as they do for protection from the rain. You’ll find kids’ umbrellas with fashionable fringes and frills that give them a more feminine appearance that is sure to appeal to kids.

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