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Men’s Guide for Choosing Wedding Rings for Women

If you have already purchased the perfect engagement ring, the next step is choosing one of the many beautiful wedding rings for women. This can be just as overwhelming as choosing the engagement ring, so we wanted to provide you with a guide to help.

  1. Narrow down your options. Consider the style that your fiancée likes. This might be a simple band or one with tons of personality. You may also want to determine if you want something that will match your own wedding band.
  2. Consider buying both rings at once. In many cases, you can buy the engagement ring with a wedding band of the same style. If you haven’t bought the first, it might make sense to get them both at once.
  3. Make a budget. You want to know how much you can afford for the wedding ring before setting your sights on a specific ring. Consider how any extras, like personalization, will affect the cost.
  4. Look at options early. After you have an idea of what your future wife would like in a ring, you should check out the options. It’s generally recommended that you take a few months before the date of the wedding to shop. Some things, like engravings, can take a month so keep that in mind.
  5. Consider her lifestyle. If the woman who will be wearing the ring plays sports or an instrument, a slim ring is a good choice. If she spends time in the garden, a solid metal ring might be the best. If she is very active, platinum is durable.
  6. Think about the maintenance. The woman wearing the wedding ring will need to keep it clean. With stones, this means a lot of washing and soaking as well as rinsing and drying. If you know she’d prefer not to do all that, a gold or platinum ring is a reasonable alternative that has nearly no maintenance involved.
  7. Make sure the ring is quality. When you get the wedding ring, make sure to look on the inside of the band for the trademark from the manufacturer. There will also be a quality mark that shows what material the ring is made from.

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