How to Buy Fabric Online – 5 Things to Consider

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Shopping

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Thinking of taking your shopping for fabric online? Here is what you need to know before you begin:

You’ve Got to Know Your Fabrics

You can read as many descriptions as you want and browse as many selections as a website offers, but if you don’t know felt from fleece, you’re going to end up with the wrong product. Research on your own first or ask a local fabric expert for advice before beginning your project.

Know How Much You’re Paying For

Is your fabric sold by the yard? Are you buying a specific length or an entire bolt of the fabric? How much do you need – and are you buying enough to meet those needs? Make sure of all of this before submitting that order!

Consider Shipping

While prices may be significantly lower online, you may get handed a hefty shipping charge if you’re not careful. Thankfully, many retailers offer reduced or even free shipping promotions, especially when you buy a certain amount of product. Look for information about shipping before you even begin shopping to avoid nasty surprises later.

Look for a Return Policy

Find out if your retailer offers returns. Because of the nature of fabric and what it is used for, this may be difficult to find. Remember that when shopping and browse carefully before committing and asking your retailer to cut your fabric for purchase.

Alternatively, you can always use fabric you purchased in error in unexpected ways in your own projects. Many crafting blogs and even fabric retailer websites offer ideas and tips for what to do with specific types of fabric – all of which can help you use up something you bought but didn’t love for its first intended purpose.

When in Doubt, Ask for a Sample

Most craft and fabric online retailers offer free or low-priced fabric samples for consumers to feel and try out before committing to a large amount. Use this to your advantage so you can make sure you get what you need.

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