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by | Apr 11, 2019 | Shopping

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Finding recovery wear after a mastectomy can be a challenge for many reasons but using a certified breast form store to aid you can make a huge difference. Whether you are looking for medical garments, breast prostheses, drain belts, or post-surgical bras, the professionals at a breast form store will help guide you on your road to recovery.


A mastectomy can have a powerful impact on a woman, both physically and emotionally, and one of the most important things to keep in mind after a mastectomy is comfort, and choosing clothing that is breathable, well-fitting, and easy to put on and take off.

Pain and soreness are likely to occur after a mastectomy, and it is common to have some scarring and nerve damage.

Your movements will be restricted after surgery, which makes putting on clothes more challenging. Choosing bras with front zippers, wrap dresses, and robes will make your recovery that much easier.

Many women lose confidence after a mastectomy and adjusting to your new body can take a while, but a mastectomy does not make you any less of a woman or any less feminine.

What Clothes Should I Wear While I Recover?

Clothing that is comfortable and easy to take on and off should be your priority when choosing your recovery wear. Tops such as the Jodee Right After Surgery Mastectomy Camisole are perfect for when your skin is still sensitive.

Roomy tops and flowing dresses can help to disguise drains, and soft pajama pants will make sure you stay cool and relaxed. The Radiant Wrap Robe is stylish and is designed for easy access to the chest, abdominal, and pelvic areas of the body. It is ideal for follow-up exams, mammograms, and radiation treatments.

Natural fabrics that are breathable and loose can help you avoid any skin irritations and chafing.

Choosing a Post-Mastectomy Bra

Once you get the “okay” from your doctor, choosing the right post-mastectomy bra can make a huge difference.

Post-surgery bras are specially designed to offer maximum comfort and to protect your still healing wounds. The Grace Post-Surgical Bra by Wear Ease and the Dawn Post-Surgical Bra by Wear Ease are both designed for women to wear after breast surgery. They are easy to change in and out of, have no inside seams, and are made from fine, no-pill combed cotton. Recovery wear has never been so cozy.

Compression bras can help to reduce swelling and the build-up of fluids, while a belt can provide extra pressure if needed. The LuisaLuisa Zipper Front offers light compression without sacrificing any comfort or maneuverability.

Which Breast Form is Right for Me?

If you have not decided to go through a breast reconstruction surgery, breast forms are available in a range of sizes, weights, colors, and styles. Every woman is different, so their breast forms should be too! Some women find that contact prostheses offer a more natural feel, while other women prefer breast forms that can be inserted into the pocket of a mastectomy bra.

If you usually are very active, choosing lighter weight breast prostheses may be a good option. Some women also prefer to wear nipple prostheses, which can be added to a breast form or can be worn directly on the skin.

With brands such as American Breast Care, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. The American Breast Care custom breast forms can help restore your natural silhouette after a mastectomy. They are molded to fit your unique body shape comfortably, have a lightweight fit that prevents them from slipping, and are directly matched to your skin tone. They are available in silicone materials and a seamless microbead material.

Know That You Have Options

Having a mastectomy does not mean the end to comfort, fashion, or femininity. Breast form stores offer the most extensive range of products from the highest quality brands and will have you feeling back to your old self in no time.

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