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Airsoft Guns & Safety

Airsoft Guns & Safety

In airsoft gameplay, there’s an important phrase you need to learn: safety first. Airsoft guns feel and weigh like real guns, says Airsoft GI, so much so that these have been approved for use in tactical weapons training sessions. That means you’ll have to exercise caution in using these guns. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:

Treat Your Guns with Respect

Don’t treat them like toys. Used in a certain way, these could be used to inflict a great deal of damage to someone else, so take the necessary precautions. Always transport your guns without any pellets or BB loaded. You could put in a box or bag, though.

Never Display Them in Public Areas

The guns are realistic enough that they could cause unimaginable panic if other people saw them. Unless you’re in a game, keep them tucked well out of sight from other people.

Don’t Play Just Anywhere

Airsoft sports are done in legal environments, so make sure your spot is legal before you and your friends start.

Keep Your Fingers Off the Trigger

Unless you’re ready to shoot, keep your fingers off. That way, you won’t accidentally fire off a shot that could hurt or harm somebody else.

Always Wear Protective Clothing

Whenever you play sports, you put on the necessary safety gear first. This sport is no different. Before you rush off into the battlefield, make sure you’re up for it by wearing proper protection, from eye goggles and helmets to vests and others.

Keep It Unloaded

Do anything that cuts down on the possibility of you shooting anything or anyone until you’re absolutely ready. Unless it’s time to shoot, keep your gun unloaded. During the game, have a steady hand and keep it off the trigger.

Point It in a Safe Direction

That means pointing it away from you or other people, unless it’s a game, in which case, you have to keep it pointed away from you.