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4 Tips To Follow When Shopping For A Girls Bedding Set In Green Bay, WI

When a little girl is old enough to get out of her crib and move into a “big girl bed,” her parents are going to need to shop for a Girls Bedding Set in Green Bay WI. The blankets and sheets that were in the crib won’t fit on a larger bed. When the parents go shopping for the bedding, there are a few tips they should follow.

Choose the Right Size

Before shopping for the bedding, the parents should know what size mattress is on the bed. If the parents don’t buy the appropriate size of bedding, it won’t fit. For example, if the child has a twin bed and the parents buy a set for a full-size bed, the fitted sheet will fall off.


If the parents are looking for the most cost-effective bedding, they should look at a bed-in-a-bag. This bedding will contain a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a dust ruffle, a comforter, pillowcases, and pillow shams all in one bag. This can be less expensive than buying each piece separately. It is also the most convenient way to buy a coordinating set.

Think Long-Term

When parents are shopping for their daughter’s bedding, they should think long-term. Buying a set with ABC’s or other patterns designed for very young children might not be the best idea if the family is living on a tight budget. In a few years, the little girl will outgrow the set and the parents would need to buy a new one. If the parents buy bedding that is acceptable for a young girl as well as a pre-teen, they won’t need to purchase another expensive set in a few years.

Give Your Child a Say

When children go from a crib to a bed, it can be a difficult transition. The best way for a child to be excited about sleeping in a bed is to choose a bedding set they will love. Parents should take their little girl shopping with them and let her have some input regarding the bedding set they purchase. If she loves her bedding, she will be more likely to be excited about sleeping in her “big girl bed.”

Before shopping for a Girls Bedding Set in Green Bay WI, parents are encouraged to follow the tips listed above. For more information, Visit us.