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How to Sell Old Jewelry

Are you looking for the best way to sell some of your unwanted gold jewelry? If you go through the correct selling process, you can net a nice return.

Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

Many places are available to sell your gold jewelry thanks to the many jewelry buyers in Chicago. If you decide to use a local store to sell your gold, it is best to search out the most reliable merchant. Ask family and friends for their recommendations or check online to see if any sites are available to check on the different gold shops in your area.

Know Your Gold

Before taking your gold to a jeweler to sell, make sure you know what karat the gold is you have. The most common are 10, 14 and 24. Once you have been assured you know the karat of your jewelry you can take it to a reputable jewelry for selling. Just remember, the higher the karat number the purer the gold.

Go Straight to the Source

When the decision has been made to sell your gold jewelry, the best option is to sell with a local gold jewelry buyer. Do not use a broker or “middleman,” since that person must then resell the gold to another party which means the price you are going to be offered is not the price you could receive using a local merchant.

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