What I Wish Everyone Knew About Saltwater Fishing in Malaysia

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Fishing Supplies

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Saltwater fishing is not for the weak-hearted. Stronger wind and currents, the granular sand and rocks, the saltiness of the water, are all potential challenges that anglers need to keep in mind and overcome. Nonetheless, Saltwater fishing locations constantly finds anglers of all kinds of skill levels. Regardless whether you are casting from the shore, a pier, or a boat, there are some basic things each angler should know regarding saltwater fishing. Check out these helpful tips to be more successful with saltwater fishing around the Malaysia area:

Use Your Best and Brightest

One very important aspect of saltwater fishing in Malaysia is picking the right lure. The lures used for saltwater fish can differ quite significantly from those better suited for freshwater species. In a saltwater situation, you want to have bright and attractive lures on the end of your fishing rods because saltwater fishes are especially attracted to them. However, don’t go overboard on the colours and sparkles! Only take a select few on your fishing trips. You don’t necessarily need an exhaustive selection to get these fishes to take the bait.

Care For Your Rod and Reel

Saltwater rods and reels can be expensive as they are designed and made to withstand saltwater fishing and thus, equipped with more protection from harsh saltwater elements. As such, be sure to care for your “partners” by giving them a proper cleaning after every use. It is recommended that you let the rod and reel soak in fresh clean water for a few hours after fishing. This will help get rid of all the harmful saltwater that is lurking in the gaps.

It is also recommended to rinse the reel at the tap with low pressure water while constantly turning the handle to ensure that the sand between small gaps is washed off to avoid damaging the inner gears during future use. Also make sure to give some of this love to your fishing lines. By doing so, you can make sure that your gears would last for years to come.

Get the Right Lines

Saltwater fishes tend to have strong lips and jaws that can rip through thin monofilament lines. You can get some really good quality tough monofilament Seahawk fishing lines for use with Seahawk’s Saltwater Fishing Reels For Sale Malaysia. While tough monofilament remains the popular saltwater choice in Malaysia, the higher price tag braided lines add more toughness, durability, and sensitivity for the same line diameter. The 3rd alternative, the modern fluorocarbon line is better at “being invisible” to the fishes’ eyes. Aim for 80 to 100-pound rated lines to be prepared for the big ones. Also, try to keep the line as short as possible to get the best leverage.

Anything is Possible

Saltwater fishing can seem difficult at first, but if you keep learning the ropes it becomes second nature for anyone. Starting with the tips shared above to build your solid base won’t get you wrong. Catching a big tarpon is very much within your grasp!

For more information, contact Seahawk Fishing.

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