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What are Women’s Mountaineering Boots?

What are Women’s Mountaineering Boots?

There is a wide range of boots for the outdoors, women’s mountaineering boots can be considered among that group. it can be confusing to decide which boots are right for which activity because there are so many to choose from but a little background information about women’s mountaineering boots can help you decide if you need a pair.

What Are They?

Mountaineering boots are designed specifically for harsh terrain. They are not to be confused with hiking boots. Mountaineering boots are:

  • Tall
  • Stiff
  • Insulated

They are made to protect in harsh conditions like cold climates (like you find in mountain ranges) and against rocky terrain. They provide a great deal of support to protect the feet and ankles. They typically have steel shanks in them to keep the upper parts stiff and to prevent overpronation and ankle injuries.

Who Needs Them?

Anyone that plans on trekking into the mountains should have a pair of these boots on. They are designed to be used with cramp on’s and to protect the feet against frostbite. They are durable boots that can be used for ice climbing and crevice climbing as well as mountain climbing. They can be found in both winter styles and summer styles.

What They Are NOT For?

They are not your average hiking boots, so it is not something you would need on trails. They are built tough for the toughest conditions. You would not use these boots for terrains other than mountainous terrain.

Where Can You Get Them?

Nord Trail is one of the best places to turn for outdoor footwear including mountaineering boots for women. They have a wide selection of both summer and winter weight boots in a range of sizes. They offer affordable price points for high quality footwear and have built their reputation by delivering exceptional quality.