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Types of Mattress Covers

Types of Mattress Covers

When you are looking for a mattress cover, there are many different uses that you may have for it. You may simply want something to protect it that you can easily wash, or maybe you want a waterproof liner in case of spills? There are many different types and uses, but here are a few to consider next time you are looking for mattresses in Jackson, MS.

Basic Cotton

If you are simply looking for something to keep your mattress a bit cleaner on top of your sheets, then a basic cotton topper is a great way to do this. It is not waterproof, so it will not protect against spills, but it will protect against dirt and dust. These types of toppers are usually machine washable and can be used for years. They offer basic protection for your mattress.

Waterproof Toppers

These are a step above cotton toppers in term of protection offered. They are usually going to offer an impermeable barrier between you and your mattress. This will protect again not only dirt and dust but also again spills and moisture. Many waterproof toppers also help protect against bed bugs. These will not add any comfort to your mattress, and most cannot be machine washed, but they will offer excellent protection for your mattress.

Gel or Memory Foam Toppers

These are not meant so much to protect your mattress, but instead to add comfort. There are some that also have a waterproof or removable cotton liner that you can washer, but others should be covered in addition to your mattress. While these will keep your mattress cleaner, it is not their intent, so using one to keep your mattress clean would be a waste.

These are just three of the many different types of mattress covers. There are even mattress covers that repel bedbugs, so head over to a mattress store and check out what they have available.

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