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New Styles of Balisong Knives Combine Tradition with All the Latest Trends

When people look for auto knives for sale these days, there’s a good chance that they’ll also see some balisong blades. Often called butterfly knives, these open every bit as easily as an automatic knife once you get the motion down. Unlike old school balisongs, however, the butterfly knives for sale today actually incorporate all of the latest developments in materials engineering that have made their way into other fields.

Cutlery brands that provide auto knives for sale have looked at what made their own product lines successful and focused on ways that they could do the same with their balisongs. Anybody who takes a look at a list of butterfly knives for sale is likely to see ceramic coatings and stainless steel fixtures alongside their classic profile. While some cutlers have indeed made innovations in the basic silhouette of their butterfly knives, the majority haven’t. That means that once someone learns the best way to open one, they can look over a list of butterfly knives for sale and reliably pick any of the choices presented to them.

In order to fulfill the needs of the widest potential number of clients, more than a few manufacturers have started to bring new products to the market. Commentators feel that the total number of styles of butterfly knives out there could increase dramatically in the next few years. That’s keeping collectors on their toes to say the very least.

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