How to Shop for Nursery Bedding in Green Bay WI

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Shopping

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When setting up a nursery, people usually strive to make it cozy, comfortable and peaceful. After all, the hope is that the nursery will bring a little one long nights of sweet dreams, giving parents a chance to recover from the day. An important part of a cozy nursery is bedding. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing bedding that will keep a child snug and comfortable in their new nursery.

Keep it Light

Most new parents choose light, soothing colors for their child’s nursery. But light weight also matters! For their safety, all a baby needs in the crib is a fitted sheet for sleep. Babies tend to have sensitive skin, so focus on cotton sheets without anything itchy such as wool or synthetics. There are plenty of options for Nursery Bedding in Green Bay WI that will fit any color scheme and still be comfortable for a baby’s skin.

Keep it Fitted

If a fitted sheet is too small for the mattress, it will slip off the corners and need to be fixed repeatedly. To avoid this, stores like The Lullabye Shop provide several different sizes to fit bassinets, cribs, and cradles, some with an extra deep pocket so there is no slipping.

Keep it Clean

Kids are messy, and that starts from infancy. Unfortunately, some nursery bedding is dry clean only so be sure to check. Find bedding that is easy to machine wash, so that midnight messes are not sources of additional stress. Especially because most parents choose light colors for a nursery, washable and stain resistant are important things to look for when shopping for Nursery Bedding in Green Bay WI.

Some Final Thoughts…

Some lovely nursery bedding sets come with sheets, as well as blankets. They are cute and color coordinated but do not forget that all baby needs for sleep is a fitted sheet. Look for machine wash friendly cotton fabrics, and make sure they fit the mattress. Do not be afraid to go for usefulness over cuteness. Babies are cute all by themselves! Keeping them cool and comfortable is far more useful in helping parents get some rest. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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