Gold Dealers In Chicago And What You Should Know For Your Own Benefit

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Jewelry

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Gold Dealers in Chicago offer cash for gold that people no longer want. There are some things that people should always keep in mind when they are thinking about selling gold. In order to deal with Gold Dealers, people have to understand how gold is weighed. While traditional weight measurements in the United States consider there to be 28 grams in an ounce, gold has a different standard. Gold is judged by the Troy ounce, so gold is actually considered to weigh an ounce if it has 31.1 grams of weight. It’s easy to see how not knowing about measurements can negatively affect those who are selling gold.

There are other things people have to be aware of when working with gold dealers in the Chicago area. Understand that gold that is 100 percent pure is so soft that it has to be mixed with different metals in order to be used. Gold that is mixed will have karat description. When people buy gold jewelry, there is going to be a mark on the jewelry that has its karat description. In order for jewelry to be considered gold, it has to be at least a 10 karat mixture. 14 karat jewelry is perhaps the most common jewelry that people buy. When it comes time to get jewelry weighed, people shouldn’t mix different karat jewelry together.

Before visiting a gold buyer, people should know the current value of gold. There are a number of web tools that people can use to find out the current value of gold. If a dealer isn’t offering the current value of gold, sellers should take their business to someone who is. Some dealers assume that those who are selling gold are desperate for cash. Others might assume that sellers don’t know how much their gold is worth. When it comes to selling gold, customers who are prepared will get fair treatment from reputable dealers.

Also, some jewelry pieces are simply worth more when they are sold as they are instead of by weight and purity. A seller might be able to fetch more money for a piece if it is sold privately. Sellers can use the Internet to place classified ads if they want to test the waters.

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