Five Tips to Get Diamond Earrings On Any Budget

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Jewelry

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Every woman should have a pair of diamond earrings in her jewelry wardrobe. While we would all agree that its easy to get a great pair of diamond earrings when you have a big budget, it can be difficult to find beautiful jewelry when you have a limited budget. Here are five tips to help you get the best deal for the most beautiful earrings within your budget.

1. Shop around. Some jewelers have an unrealistic markup. Before you make a purchase, its important to have a good idea of what is a fair price for the size of the earrings you plan to buy. Shopping around is critical to getting the best price.

2. Balance metal with diamonds. Creating a beautiful pair of diamond earrings isn’t just about buying big diamonds. With creative design, you can create a beautiful pair of earrings without the need for large center stones. Smaller diamonds, paired with gemstones, for example, can make a beautiful pair of earrings without the price tag of large center stones.

3. Consider jackets. Another way to create a beautiful pair of earrings without buying large and expensive diamonds is to consider earring jackets. Jackets are separate pieces of jewelry that attach to diamond studs to create the look of a completely separate pair of earrings. In many cases, you can purchase jackets for a very reasonable price that will give your earrings a high end look.

4. Consider the sparkle. When choosing diamonds for your earrings, don’t think only about the size of the diamonds. Choosing diamonds with a large surface area and excellent color and clarity will give you diamond earrings that have fire and brilliance that will make up for any lack of size. A good jeweler will help you to choose the most beautiful diamonds, not necessarily the largest.

5. Know your jeweler. Your jeweler is your best friend when it comes to helping you get the best diamond earrings you can afford. Use a reputable jeweler who has access to a wide range of sizes and cuts of diamonds to ensure you have plenty of choices for your diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings should be part of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe regardless of her budget. Following these five tips and having a great jeweler on your side can help you to have the diamond earrings you’ve always wanted.

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