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Dishing on Dishique

Dishing on Dishique

Have you ever gone to a fancy dinner at someone’s house and seen an exquisite table? It’s set up just so, with silverware, linens, drinking glasses, and table decoration arrangements being topped off by personalized monogrammed dinner plates that gave the whole experience that extra touch of class. If you have, and have been wondering how to achieve that feat in your own life, then look no further than Dishique.

What is Dishique?

Dishique is the brainchild of two creative people, Megan Dalbey and Jason Steffen, who married their lives and their design influences to craft beautiful, original useful art that can be used every day or for special occasions. They believe that plates do not have to be plain, nor do plates have to come from a pattern set that thousands of people across America also use. Personalizing your dishes allows you to create something that you will know that few others will also have. Using personalized monogrammed dinner plates and more can bring joy to both the foodie and the non-foodie by giving a proper place setting for gastronomical delights. You know the old saying about food: ‘the first bite is with the eye’, meaning how something is prepared and presented is as important as how it tastes. So when a deliciously prepared meal is presented on personalized monogrammed dinner plates, its makes the meal that much more enjoyable for your guests.

What is Available?

Dishique offers several different patterns of personalized monogram dinner plates and more to create a specialized table all your own. You can even mix and match plate patterns, and use your monogram as a unifying theme, if you wish. Furthermore, Dishique offers a choice of square or round plate sets as well, so you can further differentiate your table. Exactly what you want, in the quantities your desire, will be happily created for you. But monogramming doesn’t have to stop with your dinner plates. Dishique offers mini dishes, glassware, platters, and a host of other items, allowing you to have the experience of setting a truly unique table.

Moving Forward

Dishique, by offering such unique tableware and more, allows you as a host or hostess to really create a ‘wow’ experience for your guests. Just as you once looked on, in wishful envy, at someone else’s beautifully set up table, now you can take pride in sharing your unique sense of style and taste with your guests through Dishique’s personalized monogrammed dinner plates, cups, and more.

So if you have any kind of important soiree coming up, or want to really impress on your first home date with that special someone, call Dishique and let us help you achieve your hosting goals.