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Common Items To Get for Breakfast at a Minnesota Ice Cream Shop

The most common reason why you might visit an ice cream shop is to get a scoop of ice cream or another treat with the cold ingredient. However, some shops serve more than just ice cream. Here are a few items that you might be able to get for breakfast so that you can get your day started just right.


Many ice cream shops serve doughnuts of some kind as a breakfast food in Saint Paul, MN. You can usually get small doughnut holes or larger sweet treats with icing or sprinkles on them. Some doughnuts might be made with flavors to match the ice cream flavors that are available.


Aside from doughnuts, you can usually get fritters, funnel cake sticks, and other pastries that are included in the line of breakfast food in Saint Paul, MN, ice cream shops. Some pastries might not always be available throughout the entire year as some could be more popular than others, such as funnel cakes or pumpkin muffins. This often means that shops carry seasonal items for a few months before switching to another treat that is just as delicious.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Many ice cream shops offer a variety of wraps and sandwiches in the morning if you want to stay on the healthier side for breakfast. These items often include eggs of some kind, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, and other ingredients that you might be able to get at a fast-food restaurant for breakfast but that are available at an ice cream shop instead.

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