Advantages of a Council of Vapor Mini Volt 40W Box Mod

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Shopping

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The cool thing about this mini volt is that it is a tiny device, with and available power of 5 to 40 watts. The size may fool you, but the functionality will prove you wrong. Mini Volt 40W Box Mod is a first of its kind from the Council of Vapor.

It is used together with the mini volt atomizer of 0.2ohm resistance. The atomizer holds up to 2Ml of juice. The mod has an internal battery of 1300mAh, charged using a USB cable. Here are detailed advantages of this mini volt:

It is powerful

This tiny device powers many tanks because of its ability to adjust watts, and availability of various wattage curves. The mini volt is portable and the battery is long lasting to sustain a vaper throughout the whole night.

Automatic switching off when inactive

This mini volt is easy to use. It has a timer that automatically goes off every 10 minutes. The up side of this automation saves the volt from wastage, in case it is left unattended for longer periods. The down side is the rude interruption a vapMini Volt 40W Box Moder gets when vaping.

Good quality

The quality of the mod is guaranteed. The chassis is coated with rubber to enable a strong grip. The buttons are steady and have enough resistance, preventing them from being turned on at any slight touch. The screen is lit well to show the juice levels.

Variety of power modes

The Council of Vapor Mini Volt 40W Box Mod has various power modes that determine how fast the mini volt reaches its wattage. The soft mode gradually heats up the coils, taking a longer time. Power mode is powerful and goes over the set power. It eventually drops to the set power. The last mode is the standard mode.

This mini volt is very appealing with different finishes that make it more attractive. The portability of the kit makes it convenient for any type of vaper.

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