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Plan the Perfect Oscar Party Using a Gold Table Cloth

Plan the Perfect Oscar Party Using a Gold Table Cloth

Planning an evening around the Academy Awards ceremony is a unique and fun party idea. This is also an evening that’s easy to pull off without a lot of work. Here are some simple tips to help you create an Oscar-worthy party.

1. Include your guests in the theme. Roll out the red carpet at your entry way, and encourage guests to wear their finest. Alternatively, if you don’t want a “dress up” party, have guests dress as their favorite character from a movie from the past year.

2. Make everything glam. Choose glitz and glam when it comes to decorations. Use a gold table cloth on your tables, and find some Oscar statue replicas to include in your centerpieces. Drink everything from champagne glasses, and use clear glass or gold plates.

3. Give awards. Have your own awards ceremony. Have a best-dressed category or best costume for your guests. Pass out a ballot with all the nominees in each category for the Oscars and have guests make their picks. At the end of the night, give out an award for the person with the most correct guesses, and the person with the least.

4. Keep the theme going with food. Choose Oscar worthy appetizers, like mock caviar, or petit fours with gold leaf decoration. Choose finger foods, since these make it easy for guests to mingle while eating. Offer a signature cocktail, perhaps named after a movie. Use your imagination, and remember that anything looks glamorous when served on a gold table cloth!

With these simple tips, plus a big tv for watching the awards show, you’re ready for a fun and festive evening celebrating the best the cinema has to offer. Once you’ve hosted one Oscar party, you can bet your friends will want it to become an annual tradition.