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Choosing The Right King Mattress In Lafayette

Choosing The Right King Mattress In Lafayette

Enjoying a good night’s rest is necessary for many daily functions. However, it is also based on the mattresses you choose as to whether you’ll get an excellent restful night or not. If you sleep alone, a smaller bed may suffice, but if you have a spouse or significant other, a King mattress in Lafayette may be the best option.


There are three primary styles of King mattresses, and each one has its own benefits. For example, there is the traditional version, a split version and a CalKing (California King). All three options are styled differently, and each one has its own choices.

Where To Find

Many companies now include all types, ranging from twin to CalKing because they understand that each person’s needs are different. However, some companies will only put out the basics. If you are searching for a particular size, you should search specifically for that type until you find a store that offers them.


These mattresses in Lafayette are divided based on their measurements. For example, standard Kings are usually 80 inches long and 78 inches wide. However, the CalKing mattress is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. Likewise, the Split version is 80 inches long by 78 inches wide. As you can see, the split and traditional versions are the same. However, the split version looks like two smaller beds put together, and each side can be soft or hard, depending on what you need. The CalKing is longer than the standard and split varieties, but it’s also a little smaller in width. This works well for people who are extremely tall.


Likewise, the beds can be made with various materials, such as innersprings, memory foam, gel and much more. Therefore, you can get almost any mattress in the king size and still be comfortable and happy. Mattress Direct is the right place to choose the right king mattress in lafayette.