4 Tips to Remember When Packing Airsoft Accessories

by | May 9, 2016 | Shopping

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When you’re playing airsoft, a gun isn’t the only item you invest on. You need the right accessories to enhance your performance on the field or to ensure optimum results for your training. Here’s a look at some of the accessories you should never go into the field without:

Eye and Face Protection. This is one of the most important airsoft accessories on the list and certainly one you can’t afford to overlook, says Airsoft Squared. Imagine you and your buddies firing shots off right and left. Pellets or flying debris can get in contact with your face, leaving unsightly gashes behind. Worse, it can even scratch your eyes or compromise your sight. Don’t let a simple oversight like that put you in a whole world of trouble. Never go out into the field without your eye and face protection securely in place.

Long pants and sleeves. If you’ve got a military uniform, great. If not, a pair of long pants and sleeves will do. It’s best to keep every inch of your skin covered. That way, it’s easier to move around under a cover of camouflage. Also, if you’re playing or training in a forest, covering every inch of your skin means you’re protected from errant twigs and branches that could scratch your legs and arms or cause even more damage.

Enough ammunition. Plenty of operators still haven’t learned their lesson of carrying enough ammunition. If you run out in the middle of the game, you’re a waiting duck even when you try and hide. With no ammo, it can be tough getting the upper hand over the other operators. Spare yourself the trouble by ensuring you always have enough ammunition with you on the field. Pack as much as you can. It’s really better safe than sorry, they always say.

Tactical or Combat Boots. You probably won’t know the kind of terrain you’ll be in. But if you do happen to land in a forest where the game play happens, then having footwear that could protect your feet from sharp twigs and keep it warm during a rainy afternoon of airsoft games or training can make a huge difference in your performance. If you go around with wet feet, that could compromise your performance or get you sick in no time.

So don’t leave your accessories behind. Stock up on the right ones. You’ll get the most out of the experience that way.

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