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10 Dollars Shoes And More is Your One-Stop Shoe Shop for Kids’ Shoes

10 Dollars Shoes And More is Your One-Stop Shoe Shop for Kids’ Shoes

Providing kids with comfortable shoes that fit properly is important for the health of their feet as well as their entire growing bodies. Most shoe stores can provide a professional measurement of your child’s foot. They may also recommend a few comfortable shoe styles that will fit based on length and width. In addition to comfort and fit, there are three other features to consider when buying kids’ shoes: breathability, flexibility, and type of closures.

Breathable material

Kids are very active and, just like the rest of their bodies, their feet can get hot. It is important to choose a shoe made of a breathable material such as leather, canvas, or mesh. These materials are porous and allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter. Non-porous materials can cause the heat to stay trapped in the shoe and may lead to overheating.

Flexible sole

Kids’ feet are constantly growing and developing. In order to allow the tendons in the feet and the muscles in the legs to develop properly, a shoe with a flexible sole is necessary. When holding the toe of the shoe in one hand and the heel in the other, the shoe should bend in the center. Non-flexible soles can cause kids to walk stiff-footed and can lead to a weakening of the tendons and muscles in the feet and legs.

Kid-friendly closures

Kids like to do things by themselves, and having a sense of independence is important for their development. Consider choosing shoes with hook and loop fasteners that kids can take off and put on without assistance. Silicone shoelaces are also available which turn any shoe into a slip-on. These shoelaces come in every color of the rainbow and are meant to replace regular shoelaces.

At 10 Dollars Shoes And More, you can find comfortable and affordable kids’ shoes with a variety of features sure to please kids and adults alike. The wide selection available ensures that you will find kids’ shoes that are breathable, flexible, and easy to get on and off. Check out , then visit one of our California locations.